Am I a twit? Part 2

Maybe a little. Setting up the account was a little frustrating “find 5 people……(ok I can manage that)….now find 5 more……(now that is pushing it)……. now follow 5 more…(you what?)…(come on let me get in!). 

Now I have to do some ‘gardening’. I’ll find a few people who already use twitter and see who they follow. But, what if they have ‘I like my privacy’ issues like me, isn’t it a little creepy to ‘follow’ people. When does following become stalking? I guess when the person sets themselves up as a leader. 

I hope comfort comes with familiarity. My first experience has confirmed some of my prejudices, such as when the people it offers me for following are the likes of Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber. But as I get into it the idea of seeing just who Richard Dawkins is arguing with now and what bee does he now have in his bonnet I can see some of the veneer of enjoyment. The next task is to make it more work oriented, hopefully gardening out some of the weeds and selecting the bloomers will help.


3 thoughts on “Am I a twit? Part 2

  1. Yes! I am having similar feelings about Twitter. Even signing up and “following” the 10 or so people they required was out of my comfort zone. And it’s a bit unnerving that people are “following” me. Who are they? Why are they doing that? ☺ I am trying to keep an open mind. Time will tell.

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