Am I a Twit?


I don’t “do tweets”. I don’t facebook either for that matter. I think it has something to do with being a private person – I don’t want everyone to know what I feel about the eggs and bacon I had for breakfast. And partly because of my obsessive nature; when I read a book I have to read every word, take into account every punctuation mark, consider every paragraph ending, read between each line as well as on each line.

When I see tweets on web pages they are droll, about what he or she is wearing or what inanity they said…. it doesn’t grab my attention, who cares how Miley danced – now there is an example of why I don’t feel comfortable with the twittersphere – the emotional turmoil that is going on in relationship break-ups or “ooooh did you see who went to the restaurant with her?” between young 20 somethings seems to fascinate the world; can’t they sort their issues in private or does it have to play on the world stage for all to see and judge. I remember when we used to call people ‘gossips’; when did gossiping become fashionable let alone acceptable?

Can I get over this? My colleagues are tweeting and ‘following’ and getting ideas and finding resources that help. I really should get on the band wagon. But this is where my Obsessive attitude to reading trips me up, I would have to look at all the suggestions, read every work click every link, watch every animation, when would I get time to lesson plan, make my own resources that are matched, even tailored, to my teaching style. I love making my own resources, why get someone else to make them for me?

While I am in rant mode, what about face to face communication, I can do that, I quite like doing that, why should i replace it with hash tags and electronica?

Ok so I will have a go. There are barriers that need to be broken down or at least made a little less obstructive.


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