New Kid on the Block – Making Movies – a vocation?

This is a video designed at letting students that are new to the school know what to expect on their first day at school. It was made by Tom, Carmel and myself.

We had such fun! We were tasked with making a video and decided to use iMovie to create a short clip to show a new student what to expect on their first day. (What a relief it was to me to have 2 really creative minds in the team!) We made a story board, grabbed the iPad and went out to play at being George Lucas. The filming was the easy bit…..

Our story board required split screens which I had not done before, but with a little research on Google that wasn’t a problem – Go to the iMovie button on the taskbar then Preferences and click on Show Advanced Tools. Then place one of the clips onto the project area, then grab and place the second clip on top of it. this makes a window appear that asks how you would like to place the clips, we chose ‘side by side’. Easy huh? A bit of fiddling and we figured which one ended on the left of the screen and which on the right. The rest of it was pretty standard iMovie stuff, adding a Ticker-tape banner on the bottom and music. Here is a useful site for learning the basics. Then play!!!

A word of caution though…. if you don’t want to be frustrated to the point of pulling your hair out make sure you have a computer with a good amount of RAM otherwise it is extremely difficult to place the music, clips or banners where you want them with any precision without lag.

The next thing I have to learn is posting videos onto my blog! When I figure that out I will replace the picture at the top of this post with the video we made.


3 thoughts on “New Kid on the Block – Making Movies – a vocation?

  1. The word of caution is so important! While making our video the computer kept struggling because we had so many video clips and effects. Thanks for the tip on split screen – looking forward to trying it soon!

  2. Great idea to have something for new students, especially those starting in the middle of the year. Got me thinking about fifth graders, who are most likely coming from not only a new school and country, but from elementary school. What a change! I don’t know if I’d make a movie, but something with visuals and information (pictures of teachers, cafeteria, gym, etc., and even the supplies they’ll need). Was just eavesdropping on Steve and Carmel talking about Voice Thread, and I think it would be a good tool for this purpose. Thanks for the inspiration!

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