Reflecting on the EDUTech course


Image from Morgan meddygarnet on Flicker at

Initially being filled with trepidation as the idea of doing another course after school and over 3 weekends – I have found that I have enjoyed coming to the classes, (if I am honest and willing to admit my geekishness I have looked forward to the classes). The stuff I have learned is absolutely directly applicable into my classroom and in my preparation. The stuff we have covered that was not completely new gave me an opportunity to stretch my ideas, push my boundaries.

Having said that I have just looked down at my aims again and found that I have not really done too much of what I set out to do… I am not yet a google ninja, and I haven’t yet found the electronic assessment tools that would be useable in IB classes…. But I am re-energised to go and do those lofty aims and I have been given tools to help me, from my colleagues, or out of necessity in order to complete the required assignments. I feel I had reached a plateau and was sitting enjoying the view, now I have seen a new peak to scale and been given some new boots to make it manageable.

The support network set up will certainly help; The screen casting is going to be fun; Google ninja will be easier now that I know that Eric will do it alongside me; as for assessment tools – i was outside having a break form screen time and happened to mention to David C that i was doing this tech course which started a conversation ending with him offering to help me find them… So maybe there has been a little progress in that one!

In summary, I have had fun, I have learned a lot and I am ready to learn some more….what more could you want!


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